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There's a Print n Play Edition?!

Hi everyone! We have some great news coming at you! The Print and Play version of the game is ready for download! This means that you'll be able to download, print and play The Ultimate Drinking Game for FREE! BUT HOLD YA HORSES! We're not making it available to you just yet! Oh no, no, NO! That privilage goes exclusively to the Kickstarter Backers first!

What we can announce is that in TWO WEEKS the download will be made public on the front page of this site and you'll be able to play the free to public Ultimate Drinking Game - Print & Play (Black & White) edition. Especially designed to cut down on colour printing costs, the game has been altered very slightly to meet this cheap as chips demand. #savetheink On top of this we're happy to announce that the proofs for all artwork on both the First Edition and Kickstarty Your Party Edition (one time only limited combination) AND all box art is currently with AdMagic (our glorious printers) and they'll be getting back to us in a few days. Unfortunately not much more news than that right now but I'll be in touch as soon as I hear back from the printers with a more accurate expected delivery date.

Stay ultimate gang!


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