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We are in our final days gang and by the looks of things we're not going to reach our stretch goals. Whilst that is sad it doesn't mean there won't be growth in the future to allow for these things! It's been an unreal journey these past few weeks and it's amazing to think that we've only just begun!

What happens next?

Well, basically we're looking at the printing and distribution part of things now! The good news is we've had this planned for a while and we're currently in the final stages of working with AdMagic! The same people that printed up your copies of Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens! Chosen for their great quality and excellent service, we're working hard to get you your monies worth on this game.

PP Lamination is a little more costly than your regular card game and with a 74 card deck over the standard 52 the costs grow a little more greater. We've done our best to minimize this cost going on to you, the backer, so you should be happy to hear that you're getting the game a damn sight cheaper than you would in store! Best of all too, water resistant cards! WOO!

When do I get my rewards?!

As stated on the reward tiers themselves, you should expect to have them within this year, around November/December. Although we hope to have them to you MUCH sooner and will be in touch along the way. Watch out for the surveys coming in soon to grab things like postal addresses and all those fun contact details too.

Did that video say you'd be at PAX and Haven Expo?

Yes! PAXAUS and Haven Expo! First, we're launching to the public for the first time at Haven Expo! They've been amazing for us in the lead up to things this year and super supportive of our efforts. The good people of Mackay are a perfect crowd and the convention itself is a perfect venue for the launch of The Ultimate Drinking Game and we couldn't be happier to be there. Still in talks with PAX at the moment but the ink is almost dry it's just a matter of finances now. Stay tuned for more information there also.

Anything else?

Not really, think we're good. Three days to go! Who's ready?!

Stay Safe, Stay Ultimate! - Clint

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